Nothin’ But Gnat – An Evening On The Housatonic

My first trip of the year to the Housatonic River is a mix of anticipation and trepidation.   The hour long ride through northwest Connecticut is relaxing, and the back roads remind me what a beautiful state this is. The scenery becomes lush and canopied, and the car’s outside temperature gauge drops by a few degrees. For the last few miles, the road parallels the river, adding to the beauty and the temptation. On days when I am unable to fish, I sometimes take my motorcycle along the same route.

Stepping out of the car onto the dirt parking area, the air is crisp and filled with the scent of local flowers. You can feel the mist of the river. Aside from the river sounds it is peacefully quiet – a much appreciated benefit after a long week.

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And while I usually wait until late spring, when the water flow and air temps are reasonable, it doesn’t always translate into a fish catching expedition. Tonight I was in luck. The thermometer read high 60’s, light winds successfully carried a sulphur hatch, and I was greeted by hungry brown trout, compliments of the state’s stocking program.

Stepping into waist-deep water, sporadic rises surrounded me. I tied on the small yellow and white dry fly and proceeded to catch about a dozen 12″ – 14″ brown trout over the 2-hour session, all eager for my pattern.

finfollower, brown trout, housatonic, housatonic river, fly fishing, dry fly

This was truly a one-fly night. All fish were caught on this sulphur gnat pattern, the same one I teach in my beginner fly tying class. I want to than Jim Misiura for this pattern, and encourage you to follow his channel on YouTube.

finfollower, brown trout, housatonic, housatonic river, fly fishing, dry fly

Best of all, I had the water to myself for the entire time. An increasing rarity as the weather becomes more favorable.

I look at the picture below much like a kid walking through the gates leaving Disney World. Sad to see it end, but happy for the day and the memories made.

finfollower, brown trout, housatonic, housatonic river, falls village, covered bridge, fly fishing

Hope you have the chance to get out and make some memories. Enjoy!

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