It’s 11 degrees outside as I write this last post of 2017. The pellet stove runs nonstop. Tippet wears a sweater and completes her outside breaks in record time. I’m usually covered in some combination of wool, down and fleece before I step outside. In short, winter is here.

The amount of daylight is much too brief, but I’m told we’re gaining a few minutes each day.

December 2017 sunset

Many of the ponds and lakes are now home for ice fishing shacks or hockey rinks.

Frozen pond, winter 2017,

Small streams aren’t in much different shape. Large rivers are lined with ice shelves.

Frozen stream, winter 2017,

My canoe and kayaks sit snow-covered and idle, waiting for spring.

Canoe and kayaks in snow, winter 2017,

IG pics appear showing large pike and musky pulled from under the ice. I spend time restocking my fly box.

black nymph

Occasionally I’ll get an unexpected surprise, like this documentary film on trout in Mexico, found on my friend Walt’s blog, Rivertop Rambles.

And on some days I hike along the frozen banks, remembering what was and looking forward to next season. After all, this is the time for nature to replenish resources and renew the beauty that awaits us in the spring. For most of us, it can’t come too soon.

Frozen cliff overlooking pond, winter 2017,

Hope this past year was a great one. May 2018 bring you and your family the best. Enjoy!

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  1. Leigh,
    A nice way to reflect on the year and to stay warm with a new year’s promise! Thanks, too, for the mention. Hoping you and yours have a wonderful 2018.

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