Fishing Dog

Nothing like sharing your love for fly fishing with your pet. They don’t try to get in your spot, second guess your fly selection, and rarely comment on the size of the fish you caught. In short, they are great fishing buddies.

Tippet, fishing dog, chihuahua, Fall 2017, Housatonic River, Finfollower

About a month ago, I adopted Tippet, a rescue dog. She is a year-old Chihuahua mix, that I got through Sweet Souls Rescue in Newtown, CT. I was told she might have some Italian greyhound in her, but since she came from Charleston, SC, I’m guessing I have about as much in me as well.

Our first outing went well. It was a combination of introducing her to the river with a dog walk, followed by a short introductory session in the backpack, which she didn’t seem to mind. Extra bonus was that she saw me catch some fish.

There is always competition on the water, and the herons seem to watch my casting with a critical eye.

heron, Housatonic River, Fall 2017, Finfollower

I’m always surprised when I look up and see a train rushing by.

Train along Housatonic River, early fall, 2017 Finfollower

She took to the water quickly. I gave her a couple of on-water breaks just to increase her comfort level.

Tippet, my fishing dog, first outing, Housatonic River, Fall 2017, finfollower

Some beautiful fish were landed, so I’d say she brought me some luck as well.

Rainbow Trout, Housatonic River, Fall 2017, FInfollower

brown trout, tiger trout, Housatonic River, Fall 2017. Finfollower

At the end of the day, a tired dog is a happy dog.

Tippet, fishing dog, chihuahua, Fall 2017, Housatonic River, Finfollower

Hope your fall fishing is turning out to be as enjoyable as it has been for Tippet and me. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Leigh,
    You had a great day with your dog fishing. This is the first article I have read about fishing with a dog and it brings joy to my face because I own a dog.

    Great pictures with your dog. By seeing this post, now I feel like fishing with dog.
    Robert´s last blog post ..Penn Battle 2 4000 review 2017 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

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