Fish Per Minute

Or at least it seemed that way.

Housy Smallmouth, Aug 2016

With temps still in the 80’s, I decided to give the trout a break and focus on Housatonic smallies with streamers. I was not disappointed.

Housy Smallie, August 2016

The bite was on from the minute I arrived. Often they were hitting the streamer as soon as it touched the water, acting like it was a dry fly. This continued for 2 hours, and I stopped counting at 30 fish.

Another Housy Smally, August 2016

Bonuses on this trip:

  • Had the water to myself
  • Only lost 2 streamers to breakoffs
  • Did not fall in

Housatonic River, August 2016

Why not give the green trout a try.


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  1. Man I miss smallies.
    Gotta love an outing like that!

  2. Thanks Mike. I had a repeat today. They really do put up a fight.

  3. Glad you had a good one with the greens. I’d been meaning to give them a try this summer but didn’t get around it to– yet!

  4. They’re a great option when the water is too warm for trout. Hope you and L are doing well.

  5. upper Housy or around New Milford?

    Went last Sun AM — absolutely beautiful morning. Good riffles & pools, but got skunked.

    Of course near the end I got lazy & wound up slipping in enough to get water down my waders.

  6. Upper Housy. The smallmouth action has been strong!

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