Limestone Trout Club

It’s not often I get a chance to fish private water, so when Nutmeg TU announced a member trip to the Limestone Trout Club, I quickly added my name to the list. I wasn’t alone. About two dozen anglers signed up for a day of trophy trout fishing.

Limestone Trout Club

The club is tucked away in beautiful northwest CT, and is known for the large trout found in its six ponds. It is very picturesque, with plenty of places to cast unobstructed, and clear pools filled with giant trout.

Pond at Limestone Trout Club #finfollower

We arrived early and started fishing about 9 am. It was overcast, which usually works in my favor, but I quickly found the trout to be very selective. I tried about a half a dozen different streamer patterns before landing this tiger trout.

Tiger trout caught at Limestone Trout Club #finfollower

I also picked up this guy, which is one of the most unique trout I’ve ever seen . . .

Sunfish caught at Limestone Trout Club #finfollower

Many anglers were into 16″ – 20″ fish using streamers, nymphs and egg patterns. My heartbreak for the day was a palomino trout, aka golden rainbow, that I persuaded to take a BWO dry, only to have it shake off at the edge of the bank, just short of the net.

I am not an expert on private fishing clubs, but this was a great place to spend a day. Hope you’re getting out for some spring fishing as well. Enjoy!


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