Accidental Purist

Sometimes the best trips are unplanned.

On the way back from one of my regular runs to Home Depot, I decided to stop at a wild trout stream near my home. It’s skinny water, seasonal at best, but can hold some wild gems in the spring.

WIld trout stream, small stream fishing, wild brown trout, dry flies, #finfollower

I had the 7 ft fiberglass rod that I built laying in the back seat, along with a reel and a small box of dry flies. Can’t get much more basic than that.

The first few pools were unproductive, but upon entering a heavily canopied area, I noticed a rising fish.  I stood on the bank and watched for two more rises, switching out a BWO spinner for a small brown caddis dry in the process.

I moved a few feet closer to the water and crouched behind small boulder. After making a few prospecting casts upstream, I sent the fly downstream, just a few feet ahead of the last rise. It drifted only momentarily before being taken eagerly by this hand-sized wild brown.

Wild brown trout caught on a dry in a small stream in southern CT, May 2015 #finfollower

Spring in Connecticut brings many things, including mosquitoes.  After a few too many bites, I headed back to the car.

Hope you’re getting out for some spring fishing. Make sure to bring bug repellent. Enjoy!



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