Product Review: Fishpond Black Canyon Backpack

Had a chance to review Fishpond’s Black Canyon Creek backpack on a small stream hiking and fishing trip.  I don’t often need the capacity this pack offers, but I took full advantage and loaded it up.

Because we were hiking in and along the stream on a warm day, I decide to carry most of my fishing gear, including two rods, reels, waders, boots, extra flies, Fishpond Chest Pack and more.  There was easily enough room for all my stuff. The padded shoulder straps and lumbar support made it comfortable as I walked and waded throughout the day.

Fishpond Black Canyon Backpack

All this fit easily inside.

While there are a number of comfort and functional features built into this pack, there were two that really came in handy: the zip-out rod extender and the clips that allow you to attach other Fishpond products.

Both of my rod tubes benefitted from the zippered pockets, which extends the rod carrier length.  They rods stayed secure and out of the way as we moved through brush and under low-hanging branches.

Fishpond Black Canyon Backpack

The clips on both the front and back of the pack allowed me to integrate my Fishpond chest pack effortlessly.  It is a convenient option that eliminates the need to repack supplies.

Fishpond Black Canyon Backpack Fishpond Black Canyon BackpackFishpond Black Canyon Backpack

The water we covered was a textbook small stream. A canopied stretch of  riffles, pools and runs, none more than knee-deep. Most of the time we hiked along the bank, and only stepped in when making a cast.

small stream southern CT small stream southern CT small stream southern CT

We fished for most of the day, and the Black Canyon backpack was so comfortable that I almost forgot it was there.

fishing small stream southern CT Fishpond Black Canyon Backpack

Along the way we picked up quite a few little guys like this. Not exactly slabs, but they were a lot of fun on a 3wt with dry flies. Perfect for a summer day trip.

wild brown trout

If you’re looking for a lightweight backpack with plenty of room, try the Fishpond Black Canyon.  It’s a comfortable and versatile option, and the ability to attach your other Fishpond gear is a real plus. Enjoy!

Note: I received merchandise to test but no compensation for this review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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