Memorial Day Mini-Slam

Decided to take the kayak to the local pond for a quick Memorial Day trip. Within 10 minutes of leaving my house, I was on the water and making the first cast.  My setup is still pretty simple: Kayak, rod, reel, lifejacket, flat fly box, and paddle. I rig up at the car, stow the paddle and fly box in the kayak, and head to the water with the kayak in one hand and the fly rod in the other.

It had been a warm day and temps were dropping into the low 70’s with a light breeze, perfect for some warmwater top action. I decided to tie on a yellow Booglebug. I used it for the entire evening. It did not disappoint.

Here are just a few of the trophies caught during my evening paddle. There were a number of nice crappie and bream landed, many were bigger than my hand. And there was also a bass, the first I have pulled from this spot.

crappie, fiberglass fly rod, pond, kayak fishing bass, fiberglass fly rod, pond, kayak fishing, booglebug panfish, bream, fiberglass fly rod, pond, kayak fishingAs luck would have it, there was one other craft on the water.  A couple was casting spinner baits from a v-hull aluminum  boat. After I had caught a few fish, I overheard the woman whisper to her companion in a tone of disbelief, “He’s just taking pictures of them and putting them back in the water.” I’m guessing that they were there to catch dinner.

I’m not against eating what you catch, but given that this pond sits behind a light industrial complex, one should be cautious about what is consumed from this water.

Hope you had a chance to get out as well. Enjoy!

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  1. Its that time of year that everything is hitting. Great post. Great minds think alike.

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