An Hour To Spare

May is still deciding if it will yield to spring, alternating between 70-degree days and 30-degree nights. Today it rained off and on, only adding to the confusion. After a day indoors, I needed an outside adventure.

This evening I had just enough time before dark to make it down to the local pond for a few casts.  I took along my latest fiberglass build because of the way it casts small poppers from the bank. The action is slower and the presentation is delicate enough not to spook the fish. On glassy water like this, delivery and retrieve speed are key.

pond at dusk

I only caught two fish, but it was worth the trip. The first was a small bream, but the second was a nice crappie that strongly resisted and worked the rod all the way to the bank.

crappie on fiberglass rod panfish pond

After I placed him in the water, I headed for the path over the hill that takes me back to relative civilization. For some reason, the walk back always seems longer than the time to get there.

hill leaving pond at dusk

Some nights a spare hour is all it takes to make the day. Enjoy!


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