The View From Mill Pond

Spring has taken its own sweet time getting to the northeast.  Occasionally the snow melts to the point of providing a glimpse of the grass in my front yard, and then almost in a spiteful manner, lays down a new blanket of white powder.  As a result, chances to fish have been few and far between.   A busy family and personal schedule hasn’t helped my availability either. The last time I felt a tug on the line that wasn’t a snag was before the new year.

In the past I would’ve  thrown on the winter gear,  bought some toe warmers, filled the thermos with coffee and and headed out. But the thought of standing in freezing temperatures for most of the day only to catch one or two fish just doesn’t have the same allure it used to. The probability of iced guides only fuels my procrastination.

This week should be a game changer. Temps are going to reach 70 degrees, and I’m looking to cast my new rod build, a 7′ 4″  4 wt fiberglass.  My testing ground is a  local spot I refer to as Mill Pond.

Mill Pond is almost close enough to walk to, easily bicycled and offers the choice to cast from the bank or canoe/kayak. Too small for motorized boats, it sits down a dirt road less than 100 yards from the highway, Due to the hilly terrain it can’t be  easily seen. From what I can tell, it is fished only occasionally from the bank, leaving the large bed of lilypads at the south end undiscovered.

There is one other party that is interested in Mill Pond. In fact, it looks like they’re going to build on the water.



tree chewed by beaver bass pond

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