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snow melting on roof February 2013

With daytime highs of 30 – 50 degrees, the drifts left by Nemo are slowly melting. But winter is not yet memory. A foot of hard pack covers the ground, and a wet blanket of light snow came in yesterday morning. It melted by noon, staying just long enough to remind us this ain’t over. The snowblower has definitely earned its keep this year, and we’ve given our snow tires and 4WD a good workout.

I wanted to check the conditions on a few of the local streams so I did a quick  driveby this afternoon. Needless to say, most had relatively deep snow along their banks, but flow was generally good.  There might be an afternoon trip in the near future afterall.





I have yet to get out, but on sunny days it seems like it won’t be long until the snow will be gone, revealing simple reminders that spring is on its way. Enjoy!

plants in fall by pond growing in winter


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  1. I was just thinking about ground pine and its relation to the seasons, and your bottom photo sums it up. “Always here,” it seems to day.

  2. Signs of spring always seem to be a sign of one more storm.

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