Hot Weather Popper Fishing

Temps rose well above the 90 degree mark today, but that didn’t stop us from getting out before it got unbearably hot. Fredy and I loaded up the canoe and kayak and headed to Merrill Creek Reservoir. We were on the water shortly after 6 am. Even at that hour there were already a number of boats out there.

I was carrying my 6′ 6″ 4/5 one-piece fiberglass rod, primarily because of its soft delivery and flexibility that I need when bringing fish close to the boat. Today I gave it a workout.

We took the advice of the ramp attendant and started off in an area that was littered with tree stumps and fallen logs.  We both had hookups early, primarily on poppers.  Everything I caught today was on a popper, with the execption of one bream that I landed using one of my coffee bean beetles.

Color didn’t matter – red, green, orange and black all caught fish with equal success. I also used a booglebug, which performed nicely.

Here’s a few pics from today, including an uninvited spectator. We caught fish of all shapes and sizes. My favorite is the rock bass. Enjoy!

Marrill Creek ReservoirMerrill Creek ReservoirMerrill Creek ReservoirMerrill Creek ReservoirMerrill Creek Reservoir

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  1. Fredy says:

    I was a great day catching all those bream. After I got home I was wishing I was back on the reservoir, it was actually cooler on the water 😉

  2. It was a good time – we will do it again soon. In cooler weather!

    Good luck on your trip. I’ll be interested to see if you come back with any new mouse patterns.

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