Memorial Day On The Musconetcong

Musconetcong Memorial Day TroutI only had a couple of hours available to fish this weekend due to other commitments, so I wanted to make the most of the short window of time.

On Sunday the temps were warm, so I decided to have some fun with dry flies on the Musconetcong River.  The Musky is not that far from my home and there is plenty of good fishing as long as the water temps don’t get too high.

I fished from around 10 am until noon, and was rather happily surprised to find that I had most of the river to myself. An added bonus was that the mosquitoes were non-existent, a rare occasion in New Jersey warm weather.

Memorial Day Musconetcong breamThe fish were rising sporadically, so I knew that dry fly action was possible if I found the right fly. As luck would have it, caddis variations did the trick.

Both the trout and the panfish were caught with caddis flies in surprisingly shallow  water. Both were in runs that were less than shin deep.

I continued to catch a mix of trout and bream. Unfortunately these were the only two that I photographed before the camera battery died.

I was using one of the 9′ 4 wt graphite rods that I built in December, along with the Cabelas Wind River Reel. I had more of a chance to work with the drag on this outing, and I’m still impressed with the reel.

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is going well. Please remember those who served our country to keep it free. Enjoy!



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