Good To The Last Trout

Headed out to the Musconetong River today for a little trout fishing. And that’s exactly what I got.

While any fish is better than no fish, I was expecting to catch a few trout, especially  in a river that is stocked with them on a weekly basis.

I literally fished for hours before catching my first rainbow. But I wasn’t fishless. I had already landed 7 redears, 1 chub and 1 (very) smallmouth.

Things changed when I spotted a large pool with a few rises just a few yards downstream.

Musconetcong River rainbow trout April 2012For today I had the Wind River reel on my most recent build, a 9′ 4wt. I was using a double nymph rig with a green caddis pupa and a bloody mari, so I kept it on and caught my first rainbow, which measured around 10″.

As luck would have it, I ended up wrapping the nymph rig around a log, so I used the opportunity to change to a Hornberg dry.

My next cast brought in an 11″ rainbow that pulled hard and performed some acrobatics before being netted and released. (As a side note, you know you have on a good fish when the baitcasters are cheering you on.)

I would’ve been happy going troutless. Not overjoyed, but happy. After all, it was a sunny day in the low 60’s and I had caught some fish.  But the world makes more sense when you catch trout in a trout stream.  Enjoy!


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