Fall Scenes

Fall is a great time to be out on the water.  The fishing pressure on rivers and lakes drops as many anglers trade waders for camo and the start of hunting season.

Others simply choose to avoid the cooler temps and occasional  gusting winds that can tangle even the best casters.

As hatches become less common and dry fly activity diminishes, nymphs and streamers become more popular.  This is a great time to tie on a copper john, hare’s ear or muddler minnow and find out what’s holding in smaller runs and pocket water.

This weekend I caught an 18″ rainbow using a 3-nymph rig comprised of a stonefly, prince, and copper john. It was the copper john that did the trick.

Unfortunately, fall also brings some unwanted species, namely the dreaded leaf fish. Whether it finds you at the end of a dry fly drift or a nymphing lift, it suddenly instills a sense of hope that dissipates just as quickly.

Past experiences have proven that they are easy to catch and release. Luckily, many leaf fish never make it to the net.

Looks like I’m not the only one in the family that thinks about fishing this time of year! Enjoy!

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  1. Nice fall post. Ah the leaf fish…. stubborn little Buggers. The other day I was scouting native rainbows up a secluded creek and came on a small pool filled with the little guys and fall leafs. I managed to drop my tekara fly between the leaves and hooked a few good trout. I still caught more leaves tho. Love the pumpkin by the way.
    joel´s last blog post ..BWO Emerger

  2. Nice post and pictures, although I have to admit Im one of those guys that trades waders for camo this time of year there isn’t a body of water I stumble across in my woodland wanderings that I dont think of laying a long smooth loop across.

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