Penns Creek Checklist

This weekend I’m heading to Penns Creek with my friend Patrick for 3 days of fishing.

Since it is a 5-6 hour drive into the middle of  rural Pennsylvania, I’m planning on packing the following items for the stream: rods, reels, boots, waders, hat with built-in light, sunglasses, magnifiers, vest, an assortment of flies, tippet, extra leaders, strike indicators, split shot, pliers, nippers, floatant, cameras, bug repellent and sunblock.

We were able to find an inexpensive cabin in Coburn, so no camping gear for this trip.  I’m packing extra clothes, sleeping bag, towel, toiletries, beverages, trash bags, paper towels, coffee, water and power bars.

What do you take on your out-of-town trips?

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