5-Year Plan: Casting For Recovery

This was my 5th year volunteering for the Connecticut Casting For Recovery event in Litchfield, CT. I always look forward to the day and greatly enjoy it.  Many thanks to the CFR team and the numerous volunteers that made this year’s event happen.

Casting For Recovery

Once again, CFR matched 14 cancer survivors with guides for a half day of bass fishing in a private, well stocked and underfished pond.  There’s nothing like watching the face of a cancer survivor hook her first bass and hearing the screams, yells and hoots that follow.

My partner and I caught the first bass, and our next one may have been the largest fish of the day. It ran from my elbow to my fingertips, easily  2-3 lbs. Both bass were taken on black woolly buggers, tied by one of the other volunteers.

If you are looking to get involved, volunteer or donate, please have a look at the CFR site. You will get more out of it than you give.



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