A Few Non-fishing Pics from the Morning Walk

Most weekends my wife and I take morning walks with the dog. Sometimes our neighbors join in, and on rare occasions, the kids tag along.  We travel through the neighborhood, passing homes, horses, barns, ponds and streams.

As the seasons change, so does the scenery. Here are some pics taken with my phone during the last few weeks of 2013.

As we pass Thanksgiving and enter the increasingly-commercialized holiday season, I am reminded that we have much to be thankful for, including where we live. Enjoy!

Waiting for the warmth of spring

Waiting for the warmth of spring

Weathered and warmed by the winter sun.

Weathered and warmed by the winter sun

Late fall sunset in Newtown, CT

Late fall sunset in Newtown, CT

And finally, Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Christmas Tree

One of the Christmas trees standing at the main intersection in Sandy Hook

Christmas wreath in Newtown, CT

Waiting for Santa


Cold As Ice

Ice forming on a small run

We're now coming to the time of the year when ice becomes a serious consideration, impacting when, where and how we fish. Yesterday was the first time this year that I've had to deal with it. There have been a few recent leaf catching encounters, … [Continue reading]

Changing My Mind: Exploring a Small Stream for Wild Trout, November 2013

Wild brookie caught with a dry fly on a local stream, November 2013

At some point in time, most of us have driven by skinny waters close to home and wondered if they're fishable. For whatever reason, we decide not to explore their potential, dismissing them as too small or classifying them as drainage. Yesterday I … [Continue reading]

What Did The Skunk Say?

Housatonic River, November 2013

Unlike the fox, the skunk says very little. Instead he lures you to the Housatonic River TMA on the last 60-degree, blue-sky day of the foreseeable future . . . Shows you some beautiful water that  doesn't have to be shared with anyone . . … [Continue reading]

November Scenes

Stone fence, autumn, fall colors, fall scenes, november

Haven't had much of a chance to get out and fish recently. Mostly short trips to the local ponds. Here are a few phone pics that I took along the way. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours prospecting with a small black caddis pattern. … [Continue reading]

Fall Colors and the Switch

Fall fly fishing, bream, pond fishing

Lately I've spent more time with a rake in my hand than a fly rod. For the past four weekends I've diligently wrangled leaves, only to have more arrive the next day, completely obscuring my earlier work in a blanket of gold, orange and red. The … [Continue reading]

Backbone Media’s Spring 2014 Showroom in NYC

Some of the new Sage Rod and Reel offerings.

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to Backbone Media's 2014 showroom event in NYC. It was a great chance to check out the latest gear from Redington, Sage and other industry-leading outdoor brands. Backbone Media also organized a group of … [Continue reading]

Book Review: Crazy for Rivers

This afternoon I found myself in an unlikely place: the local library. Libraries aren't totally foreign to me, having spent a good portion of my college years holed up in the corner of the reference section, prepping for the next exam. But in the … [Continue reading]

How Not To Fish A Trout Park

Day 1 Take kayak and 4wt fly rod to local lake designated as trout park. Fish the entire perimeter of the lake.  Catch plenty of bream but do not hook or spot any trout. Return to boat launch. Begin speaking with local spin fishermen who … [Continue reading]

Mill Pond Morning

bass caught on a popper with a fiberglass fly rod, Mill Pond 2013

Sometimes the best fishing can be found in your own back yard.  No extra packing, planning or plane trips.  Just pure and simple fun. This morning I got up early and secured the kayak on the rack using 2 bungees.  The one-mile trip on backroads to … [Continue reading]

Fall Kayak Fishing

kayak fishing, bream, bluegill, carp

Fall in Connecticut is one of my favorite times to fish. Daily highs drop into the 70's.  The air is crisp with light winds. Fishing pressure drops as some anglers turn their sights (pun intended) to hunting. Today was one of those perfect days. … [Continue reading]