Sometimes turning right or left makes all the difference. In this case it was a left.

I pulled off the main road on to a cul de sac side street. A gas station, multifamily homes and a two-story commercial building lined the sides of the well-traveled path. A half mile downstream is a TMA, regularly stocked and easy to wade. But today I chose to seek out some new water.

Driving into the empty parking lot of the commercial building I noticed that the river was less than fifty feet away. Well shaded by the old oaks along its banks, it was thirty feet wide at best, with clear, lightly stained water. With some effort I could probably find spots that were knee deep, but the run I focused on was directly behind the building, sixty feet or so in length, with good flow and only ankle-deep at best.

Within a couple minutes of standing in the lot, rises appeared. It was after 7 pm, so sulphurs would be coming off soon.

I walked to the head of the run and began casting a sulphur gnat I had tied the night before. Within the first few casts I had this feisty little brown on the line.

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For those of you that tie, here is the fly I used. I really enjoy Jim Misiura’s videos and have made many of his patterns.

I traveled upstream and found some slow-moving deeper water, but there were no rises. I tried streamers and nymphs with no luck. Again I returned to the ankle-deep pool. I switched to another sulphur pattern and shortly felt a strong tug on the line.  I thought this was mainly a small wild trout stream, so I was surprised to find this 14″ rainbow giving me a fight in the shallow water.

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As the last remaining glimpse of sunlight left the surface of the stream, I packed up my gear and headed back to the car, happy to have found some new water, and knowing there are more trout to be had in an ankle-deep pool.

Hope you’re getting out to find some new water. Enjoy!

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