FinFollower Enters Wayne’s World

Clipboard, first show On The FlyFor the past few years I’ve considered hosting a fly fishing show. I’m not exactly sure why, given the saturation of high quality, commercially-backed fishing programs readily available on most major networks.  I am completely sure that I don’t have the chops to compete with Bill DanceJimmy Houston or Mike Iaconelli. But then again, you have to start somewhere. . .

In the past I’ve volunteered at local cable access channels, handling camera work and sound for a variety of projects including talk shows, music acts and quilt makers (who have a rabid following).  So when I had the opportunity to create and host a fly fishing show on Public Access Channel 8 in Carmel NY, I decided to give it a try.

Frank DeGrazioI departed from the FinFollower moniker and called the show “On The Fly”. No need to sully the FinFollower  name in case it didn’t turn out as planned.

I’d recently seen a great presentation on fly fishing the East Branch of the Croton River given by Frank DeGrazio from Anglers Den in Pawling. Frank is an experienced guide who fishes many of the waters in the area.  I contacted him and he agreed to be my first guest.

Despite some early technical difficulties, the show came out looking great. Frank came through with a solid presentation. He really knows his stuff and easily handled the unrehearsed Q&A that I threw at him.

Crew for the first show of On The FlyI also want to thank the crew, which consisted mainly of local teens who volunteered for this assignment. I was impressed with their professionalism, approach and organization. They handled the camera, lighting, sound, set design and kept us all in focus and on track.  They really made the difference.

Right now the program is only available through Public Access Channel 8, but I’m hoping it will find its way to Youtube or Vimeo soon.

Plans are in the works for a second show, so stay tuned. Enjoy!



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