How Not To Fish A Trout Park

Day 1

  1. Take kayak and 4wt fly rod to local lake designated as trout park.
  2. Fish the entire perimeter of the lake.  Catch plenty of bream but do not hook or spot any trout.
  3. Return to boat launch.
  4. Begin speaking with local spin fishermen who mention that hundreds of trout have been dumped right by the boat launch, less than 50 feet from where you’re standing.
  5. Stow kayak and tie on olive wooly bugger.
  6. Begin fishing next to boat launch. Proceed to catch three nice 14″ browns while your new spin fishing buddies catch nothing. They commend you, but refer to your fish as small. They also begin to whisper between themselves.
  7. Leave camera and phone in the car so there is no proof of the fish caught.
  8. After the 3rd fish, your new friends kindly suggest that you leave. Thank them and take their advice.
  9. Walk backwards to the car. Hastily stow gear and jump in the driver’s seat.
  10. Drive off slowly. Wave to new friends on departure.

Day 2:

  1. Return to lake with flies, streamers and fly rod used for distance casting.
  2. Spend almost 3 hours pitching at the water.
  3. Produce only a few tugs and nothing brought to hand. Spin casters look on in disbelief or amusement. Do not verify which.
  4. Try every streamer and dry fly you own with no luck.
  5. Watch fish continue to rise all around you.
  6. Break down rod and begin trek back to car.
  7. To save face, approach spin caster and share with him how well you did yesterday.  Tell him that you know what they’re biting on, but you don’t have anything that small in your box.
  8. Quickly walk away, stow gear and drive off.
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