Fall Kayak Fishing

Fall in Connecticut is one of my favorite times to fish. Daily highs drop into the 70’s.  The air is crisp with light winds. Fishing pressure drops as some anglers turn their sights (pun intended) to hunting.

Today was one of those perfect days. Highs in the mid-70s, sunny and little competition for the water.  I chose to load up the kayak and head for a canal that feeds the Housatonic River.

kayak fishing, bream, bluegill, carp

A perfect morning

I arrived shortly after 9 am, quickly unloaded and rigged up.  Within minutes I was casting towards the shady bank, watching the water swirl and rise around the popper before it disappeared and my line went tight.  Caught quite a few of these during my 3-hour tour.

bream, popper, fly fishing, Pond Brook, Housatonic River

Caught a few like this

Today I used poppers exclusively.  No one color stood out.  Green, orange, black and fluorescent yellow were all eagerly accepted.

Inhaled the popper and fought until he was caught

Inhaled the popper and fought until he was caught

When I heard heavy splashing and saw the water churning in front of me, I assumed it was bass.  As I got closer I found these guys.  Needless to say, I did not go after them with a 4wt.  They were 2-3 ft in length and showed little concern for my kayak as they swam by.

Big carp, Pond Brook, Housatonic River

Too big to catch on a 4wt. He was over 2′ long.

Hope you’re finding some time to get out and fish in this perfect weather. Enjoy!

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  1. Nice job! So how’s the popper business coming along?
    walt´s last blog post ..Remembrance (M.L.)

  2. I have never fished at Housatonic River, although it would take me only a few hours to get there. Anyway, awesome fishing!
    Tom´s last blog post ..Check out these fishing rods

  3. Nice gill! I recently got a kayak, and fly fishing for smallmouth on calmer streams is one of my favorite things to do after work.

  4. Nice. I am also planning for a kayak fishing trip. Thanks for sharing.

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