End of July Fishing Trip to Farmington River

My last trip to the Farmington River was cut short due to weather, so I took advantage of a couple of free hours to revisit the spot where I was standing when the sky opened up and rain began to fall.

It’s not easy to reach. Well off the main road, it requires driving some distance down a dirt road, followed by a few minutes of hiking.

On my last trip, I ended up moving slowly along the river bank, using trees as cover and trying to make it back to the car without getting completely soaked. I was only moderately successful.

But today it was worth the effort.  A sunny and mildly breezy day, with air temperature  just above 80 degrees and low humidity. The water was cold and kept me comfortable in waders.

Watching rising fish on my way up river, I initially tied on a couple of different dry patterns. Neither worked, so I went to a Bloody Mari nymph. This did the trick. In less than an hour, I landed half a dozen fish. Most were in the 8-10 inch category, but this one stood out.

Rainbow trout caught with a fly rod on the Farmington River, end of July 2013

A nice 12″ rainbow, which came to hand with minor reluctance after a few acrobatic moves. After a quick picture, it was back in the water and on its way.

I know the weather is changing in many parts of the country after weeks of excessive heat, and in some cases, rain. Hope you’re able to get out and enjoy some prime fishing weather. Enjoy!

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