A Grand Slam . . . Sort Of

Had a chance to swing by the Farmington for a couple of hours on the way back from a business trip. Temps barely reached 80, and the wind was light and dry.

The end of summer tube hatch was in full swing. Although I chose a lesser known fork in the river,  I was frequently greeted by what seemed an endless line of orange floats, carrying the curious, carefree and often unaware.  Some clearly thought I was an information booth, peppering me with questions as they passed. Others apologized for their interruption and gave me some distance. Many asked what I was doing, and a few actually applauded when they found out I practiced catch and release.  Periodically I would stop casting completely to let them pass,  resisting the temptation to target cast around them. I can’t say that I blame them – It was a great day for a river float.

Despite the traffic, I had moderate success. The first fish was one I don’t see often enough – a beautiful little 9″ brook trout. This one took an elk hair caddis, and gave a nice fight.

Brook trout, Farmington River, August 2013, elk hair caddis, dry fly, fly fishing

Beautiful, no matter what size

The second was a strong 12″ brown trout. This one also took an elk hair caddis, and proved to be the least photogenic, as he constantly protested while trying to get his picture.

Brown trout, Farmington River, August 2013, elk hair caddis, dry fly, fly fishing

Hiding among the tubes

At this point the dry fly action slowed,  and I switched to a nymph. Unfortunately this was also unsuccessful, so I switched back to a rusty spinner, which brought this little guy to hand.

rainbow trout caught on the Farmington River, August 2013, with a rusty spinner

Hope your getting out and wetting a line in this great weather.  Enjoy!

rock statue in Farmington River, August 2013


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