A Quick Trip to the Farmington, July 2013

Temperatures have been in the 90’s for the past two weeks, and the high humidity has been giving us “air you can wear.” Needless to say, fishing trips have been few and far between.

So when I stepped outside this morning and it didn’t feel like a sauna, I decided on the spur of the moment to head to the Farmington River. Rain was in the forecast for the afternoon, so it would probably be a short trip. Time was of the essence.

On the way over I hit at a couple of spots on the Still River. No luck, but the Still continues to intrigue me. After an hour of slinging dries, nymphs and streamers I left and headed for the big water.

The first spot was just below the campground. The water was like glass, covered with a fine layer of mist that hovered just inches above the surface. I could see sporadic rises as the unhurried rings drifted away. I tied  on an elk hair caddis and after a few casts, this beautiful 16″ rainbow hammered the fly and began to peel line off of my 4wt at an alarming rate.

This fish did not jump, but made several earnest attempts to oppose my efforts to reel it in. When I finally brought it to hand, its thickness and beautiful colors were amazing.

It pays to be cautious with fish of this size, especially in the summer. I left it in the water, even for the picture. This extra effort made the release short and sweet.

Rainbow trout caught on the Farmington River, July 2013

Nice Rainbow caught on the Farmington River, July 2013

The action soon died down, so I drove over to the Boneyard. Fish were rising, but not for what I had in my flybox. Less than an hour later I headed to the Ovation Pool.

When I arrived there were two other anglers already in key locations, so I remained downstream.  Nothing was rising, so I switched to a Bloody Mari nymph, running it through one of the deeper holes.  A few passes later this 12″ brown struck hard.  I brought it to hand with minimal effort and released it quickly.

Brown Trout at the Ovation Pool on the Farmington River, July 2013

Brown trout at the Ovation Pool on the Farmington River, July 2013

The last stop was along a section of water that I’ve driven by several times but rarely considered. Today I spent some time exploring, landing a couple of juvenile rainbows and suffering a few breakoffs as well.  I’ll be back.

The rain came in the early afternoon, when I was some distance from the car. It was light, blustery and could be partially avoided by passing under some of the streamside foliage.  I slowly trudged back to the car, peeled off the waders and boots, and began my preparations for the hour-long drive back home. Not a big day based on number of fish caught, but a great day to get out and explore some new water.

Hope you’re able to get out soon as well. Enjoy!



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  1. Nice fish from the Farmington! Is that a bottom-release waterway, with temps remaining cool through summer? I’ve been mostly on the feeder streams of late, where water temps hang between 60-65 degrees. Too warm at the main stems of the bigger flows.
    walt´s last blog post ..Wild Neighborhood

  2. Yes it is. A bottom release and a flow of 300 cfs or more will keep it cool for a certain distance, but it starts to warm up near Collinsville. You start to see bass and bream.

  3. It’s always nice to be out and on some water, even if it isn’t gangbusters. I enjoyed the report and the pics – that’s a very nice rainbow!

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