The Sky Is Pink

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Josh Fox movie Gasland, and encouraged others to see it as well. It has a very relevant environmental message, regardless of where you live.

As luck would have it, I was visiting the Fishing Jones site last night, when I ran across an 18-minute short that Josh recently made as a follow up. Entitled The Sky Is Pink, it points out that Governor Cuomo is about to make a decision that would allow up to 100,000 natural gas wells to be drilled in New York State.

It also reveals that the natural gas industry is acutely aware of the failure rate of wells: 6% in the first year, and by 30 years 50% have failed.  Currently 17% of natural gas wells in the U.S. are leaking toxic chemicals into our groundwater.

To top this off, former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge is now a spokesman for the natural gas industry.  And to think I used to respect him . . . .

I’ve embedded a copy of the clip. Enjoy!


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