Worth Waiting For

This picture was taken on the Housatonic River last summer.

I arrived at the river early and was given a chilly reception, embraced only by the rising fog and rushing water, which tumbled over the rocks and tested my balance.   Moving down river I found a much more hospitable spot.  The water was relatively low and wadeable for the Housatonic, and I caught 5 rainbows in just a couple of hours.

What I remember most wasn’t the way that the fish fought or their bright colors.  We were on the cusp of fall, and the sun shone bright on the slightly stained water as it wandered slowly and purposefully down the valley.  The trees that had yet to give up their foliage, and the wind was comfortable and light.

As I stood there in my waders enjoying the warmth of midday and the grand sound of the river, I couldn’t help but notice the peacefulness.  The gray herons seem to move at a relaxed pace as they made their way upstream, and the glare reflecting off the river danced slowly in front of me.

Back at the car I ate a lunch consisting of leftover Peking duck strips and iced tea.  After shooting a few more pictures I took off my gear, loaded up the car and headed for home, satisfied with the day.

Today the snow is melting as temperatures break into the 50’s.  I’ll soon be trading in the thermal clothing, gloves and neoprenes for a t-shirt, jeans and breathable waders.  And while I enjoy the challenges and solitude of winter fishing, I can’t wait to feel the sun on my face while I watch a hungry trout or bass take my dry fly. Here’s to the coming of spring!

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